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 You are Our Community.
  We are Your Hospice.

Hospice of Lenawee provides compassionate, patient and family-centered care to the people of our community during and after the last season of life.

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Hospice of Lenawee

Our Patient Care

We are not just a provider of services, but a provider of outcomes...
Physical comfort
Emotional well-being
Spiritual peace

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Our Grief & Loss Support

Those who have lost a loved one can find comfort in our bereavement support. We offer...
hope, options, control,
solutions, empowerment and richness of spirit*
*Please see important message regarding Bereavement Support Groups under Events.

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Our Hospice Home

Our Hospice Home is the right choice for a hospice patient when short-term care is required to manage acute pain or other symptoms caused by their terminal illness.

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Real Stories

The best care possible

"Knowing that we were getting the best care possible took such a large piece of stress out of our lives."

Patt and Mary Helen Hayes

You truly make a difference

"It is a special calling to work in a Hospice unit...you touched all our lives... you truly make a difference in this world."

Nancy Cotter

Care to the community

"We offer our care to... anyone in the community who would like to receive some support."

Kathy Goetz

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Why Hospice of Lenawee is Different

Why Hospice of Lenawee is Different

As the only Non-Profit Hospice rooted in Lenawee county, here is how Hospice of Lenawee stands apart:

  • We are the only Non-Profit Hospice in Lenawee County that has an eight-bed in-patient Hospice facility specializing in end-of-life care.
  • We service only Lenawee County area, therefore we are able to give more personalized attention and faster response time for on-call emergencies.
  • We offer Bereavement services to anyone in our community that has suffered a loss at no charge.
  • We have the only Board Certified Hospice & Palliative Care Medical Director providing end-of-life care in our community.

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Volunteers are essential members of our team and help us to fulfill our mission. There are many different volunteer opportunities and we're sure to have something for everyone. Learn more about making a difference with Hospice of Lenawee today!

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Important Messages from Hospice

Hospice of Lenawee produces audio messages for our community. Please listen to our messages to learn about important updates, events, and hear our "My Hospice" testimonies.

Audio Message from our President
Travis Havens
Hospice of Lenawee - My Hospice
Hospice of Lenawee - My Hospice
Kathy Fuhrman
Hospice of Lenawee - My Hospice
Hospice of Lenawee - My Hospice
Amy Palmer
Hospice of Lenawee - My Hospice
Kerri Shadewald RN

News & Events at Hospice of Lenawee

From our President & CEO: 


On behalf of Hospice of Lenawee, I would like to convey our heartfelt good wishes for health and safety during this uncertain time in our world.  This community – our community – has a history of pulling together in support and harmony of the true meaning of what is good and best for each other.

We have received the obvious questions relating to how Hospice of Lenawee continues to provide the exemplary care that we are known for during this unprecedented span of time.  As President of Hospice of Lenawee, it is my job to bring you the “state of the organization” and provide the information you desire.  It is my pleasure to do this; however, please know that it is with the direction and input of our experts in care – Dr. Justin Voorhees, our Medical Director and Amy Francoeur, RN, our Director of Patient Care.  They, along with our extraordinary clinical team, continue to carry out our mission.  This means that the appropriate and required safety measures have been put into place to assure that our care is never compromised.  Our nurses, aides, social workers, spiritual care and bereavement teams and volunteers continue their commitment to all of you with the expertise and knowledge you need now and always.

We continue to wish you peace and good health.  After all…You are Our Community and We are Your Hospice.

Travis Havens
President & CEO


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