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Real People, Real Stories

We are blessed to care for our Lenawee County community. The following stories are told by those who have experienced Hospice of Lenawee and our services in a multitude of ways, from patient care to volunteering and beyond.


Hospice of Lenawee Family

Patt and Mary Helen Hayes

Hospice of Lenawee Family

“After three bouts of Chemotherapy, at age 19, our youngest daughter Megan said, ‘Mom, I’m done and I just want to come home.’ Through Hospice of Lenawee we were able to spend the most wonderful six weeks of her life with Megan…at home…with family and friends. We had lots of parties and company – it was a gift for Megan and for our family. Knowing that we were getting the best care possible took such a large piece of stress out of our lives.”

Nancy Cotter

"I wish to spend a moment thanking all of you for the outstanding and compassionate care your staff demonstrated during Cheryl Cotter’s last days. As her sister, I was most appreciative of the tasteful surroundings that provided Cheryl with a modicum of peace, as your facility was warm and comforting rather than what could have been a drab institutional setting. The kindness shown by all the staff speaks highly of your attention to detail in recruiting the right personalities who can be both honest and understanding with both the dying and grief-stricken families. I know that it is a special calling to work in a Hospice unit, but for those of you I grew to know, you touched all our lives during those dark days. May God Bless you, and may you carry yourselves through life understanding that you truly make a difference in this world."

Hospice of Lenawee Supporter

Steve Hickman

Hospice of Lenawee Supporter

“Hospice has been a part of our lives – when we lost Sally’s mom hospice was a part of that, when we lost my mother, hospice was a part of that…I’m just in awe of the caring wonderful people they put together. It is a tremendous organization. I think a residence facility will provide an awful lot of help to so many people in our community – not just patients but their families…it will be a huge asset to our community during a difficult time of life.”


Tony and Tino Rebottaro

Steve Hickman

Darcel Shankel

Hazel Leonard

Patt Hayes

Patt & Mary Helen Hayes

Dr. Richard Youngs